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We’re on the lookout for bold thinkers, disruption-makers, and chance takers that have an idea, service or product that will make a difference. Then we customize tailored communications programs that fit their stage, purpose, audience and goals. No filler, fluff or other stuff – just focus and results, fast.

Zoom Digital. Zoom PR. And you.

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ZOOM Digital helps marketers reach targeted audiences and amplify efforts – and not just through ephemeral ads or social posts but through strategies that will help grow your business. Our approach is simple – we take your brand and business objectives and map the most potent mix of digital activations and then execute.

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ZOOM PR is for innovative tech companies that need buzz but don’t have 1.5 zillion dollars to spend on a communications program. Together we define your key drivers and goals, and then ignite the engines and hit our marks. No wasted budget or energy. No filler. We simply bring your story to life.