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Health and Well Tech Consumer Survey

Are technology and innovation making us healthier and our lives better?

The promise of health and wellness tech is to help us live smarter, more connected and enriched lives. The category has exploded to $4.2 trillion* in recent years, with a massive surge of trendy devices and popular digital services in our day-to-day. It remains to be seen if this promise is being realized.

March Communications conducted a survey of more than 1,000 consumers nationwide to dig in and determine: Are we well?


believe tech plays an important role in wellness


believe tech is very or extremely important in their wellness


households own 1-5 wellness technologies and use them daily


Meditation, counseling or mental health apps

Fitness wearables or connected workouts




Healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss


Hear from our experts in health and wellness tech.

Tech Makes Us All Elite Athletes

Tech Makes Us All Elite Athletes

The at-home fitness experience is not necessarily a new idea. I remember the basement gym my parents piecemealed together while I was growing up, long before Peloton and Nike transported trainers, classes and equipment into our homes. A library of instructional videos...

Tech Makes Our Homes More Liveable – Dare We Say Bearable?

Tech Makes Our Homes More Liveable – Dare We Say Bearable?

  In case you missed it, 2020 is the Year of Smart Living. As more of our time is spent inside, we’ve been reflecting on just how much technology enables us to live, work and use our homes in unprecedented and unanticipated ways.  Whether out of necessity or...

Wellness Tech: Essential to Building a Fitness Community

Wellness Tech: Essential to Building a Fitness Community

Full disclosure: This is all fairly new to me, and I love it! Now I need to back up a bit. I was an athlete growing up. Team sports were a prominent part of my grammar and high school years, and even into college, I always played sports. I loved playing, and I was...

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