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Health and Well Tech Consumer Survey

Are technology and innovation making us healthier and our lives better?

The promise of health and wellness tech is to help us live smarter, more connected and enriched lives. The category has exploded to $4.2 trillion* in recent years, with a massive surge of trendy devices and popular digital services in our day-to-day. It remains to be seen if this promise is being realized.

March Communications conducted a survey of more than 1,000 consumers nationwide to dig in and determine: Are we well?


believe tech plays an important role in wellness


believe tech is very or extremely important in their wellness


households own 1-5 wellness technologies and use them daily


Meditation, counseling or mental health apps

Fitness wearables or connected workouts




Healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss


Hear from our experts in health and wellness tech.

Hot Consumer Tech to Watch at the End of Summer

Hot Consumer Tech to Watch at the End of Summer

Tech devices and services impact our day-to-day more than ever. Where we once relied on in-person visits to our physicians and tour guides to navigate unfamiliar cities, now we can do it all virtually. And where we once prioritized efficiency, we now focus on...

[Podcast] New Innovation Enables Healthcare-From-Home

[Podcast] New Innovation Enables Healthcare-From-Home

This year proved that even the most person-to-person businesses can shift to a remote model. Health and wellness providers shifted gears, inventing ways to provide services straight to your home. Healthcare is evolving in parallel with consumer tech and more patients...

Mental Health Awareness Month: Combating Care Disparities

Mental Health Awareness Month: Combating Care Disparities

Over the past year, mental health has been impacted significantly by disparities, inequity, and unequal access to healthcare, especially for people of color. As we close Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re recognizing the underserved groups that face overwhelming...

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