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Affectiva is renowned as a pioneer in the applications of emotion technology across fields such as healthcare, advertising, and social robotics; but in the last year, the company identified automotive as its next growth opportunity. Affectiva had no previous visibility or publicly referenceable use cases in the automotive space, but were keen to get the attention of prospects and potential investors.


March recommended a multi-phase approach to launching in the automotive space, in order to gradually build brand recognition and show ongoing momentum to competitors, investors and prospects. This included insights work to inform Affectiva’s automotive messaging, and developing a narrative to build out content, angles for media outreach, speaker submissions and creative assets. We also devised a plan to seed the narrative with media for a few months prior to the official auto product launch, to help build a case for its need. But the product launch was just the beginning. Building on significant momentum around the launch, March made sure that “Affectiva” would remain synonymous with “automotive AI” by working with Affectiva’s automotive partners on follow-up announcements and joint campaigns. And, to prove that the technology was here and ready for prime-time, March oversaw a curated demo campaign, offering “test drives” to reporters in Affectiva’s road-ready demo car.