Messaging and thought leadership


LinkedIn Pulse views from target personas (CEO, CIO, CTO)

Unique monthly visitors reached through 7 bylines

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Key Resources is a mainframe security provider with a 30-year legacy providing innovative and one-of-a-kind support to enterprise IT teams. Led by one of the world’s top experts in mainframe security, the company had legit credibility in the niche world of mainframes but wanted to raise its profile among non-technical buyers in its target industries: finance, healthcare, retail and government.


March developed new corporate messaging and buyer personas for Key Resources, emphasizing business-friendly language to speak to non-technical CEOs, CIOs and CISOs. We created new sales collateral and case studies to reflect the new messaging, and then executed a targeted thought leadership strategy to raise the company’s profile among its target buyers. Byline placements in vertical publications, steady CEO blogging through LinkedIn Pulse, and paid content promotion through LinkedIn Sponsored Updates all helped this niche security provider punch above its weight.