Integrated brand awareness and lead gen campaign


Leads through digital platforms


Increase in web traffic

Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)


Sidekick is a start-up home improvement company with a hyper-local focus. In order to compete with big name competitors Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor, sidekick needed to differentiate itself in the market, drive awareness of its services in localized settings, and convert loyal customers.


In order to ensure March was connecting with and converting the appropriate audience, March utilized the advanced targeting features within social and digital platforms to hone-in on the proper demographics and connect with potential customers of the service. March leveraged social and digital advertising and created A-B testing strategies for each platform including suggested imagery, messaging, and formatting options. On a daily basis, March monitored and optimized the campaigns to reduce wasted spend and scrutinized the built-in analytics of each platform to help inform ongoing strategy.