Generating media visibility for the company's medtech division


Pieces of unique U.S. coverage for across all of Cambridge Consultants’ medtech divisions

Pieces of unique coverage in business and innovation outlets

Contributed article placements in healthcare and medtech trades


Cambridge Consultants, a breakthrough innovation specialist, tasked March with increasing its brand awareness in a broad range of sectors it serves, including consumer, industrial and telecoms and mobile. With a U.S. headquarters dedicated to increasing its footprint in the medical space, the team had an acute focus on the specialty areas of drug delivery, diagnostics, medical devices and digital health. And, without any commercially available products or concrete customer initiatives to promote publicly, March had to rely heavily on thought leadership while finding creative ways to promote conceptual and futuristic technology developments.


March created a stable of subject matter experts in each of Cambridge Consultants’ key healthcare sectors, positioning them as experts that could comment on both innovation that Cambridge Consultants was driving, as well as vendor-neutral resources that could add color to macro trends and breaking news in the industry. The team used a variety of tactics, from focusing on timely trends and issues to position SMEs as quality resources and building strong 1-to-1 influencer relationships through a “media buddy” program, to leveraging event attendance to solidify relationships through in-person meetings. March also used contributed articles as an avenue to show SMEs’ technical expertise with targeted outlets, which led to direct leads.