We ♥ people and the tech that makes their world go ‘round.

March’s Consumer Innovation Group (CIG) does brand strategy and public relations for consumer tech brands that want to inspire people – to discover, explore, support or experience the tech that could change their life or their day.  Today, consumer brands are part of the human story more than ever before – the question for brands is how big a role will you play?  Brands have got to matter to the people they are trying to influence. How? Well, that’s where we come in – we deliver brand storytelling with the strategy to back it up.

3 things you should know about
March’s Consumer Innovation Group

We love this @#$%

Seriously, we love all of it, but our experience in consumer technology sectors like health and wellness, entertainment tech, e-tail, smart home and personal tech devices is awesome.  Tech that helps folks live smarter, healthier, better is why we get out of bed in the morning.

We tell stories.
Not fairytales.

We’re uber focused on shaping real brand stories that inspire the people that we want to give a hoot. Stories matter because they help consumers “see” your product or service in their lives. We anchor brand storytelling in consumer insights and an understanding of what motivates people to connect, try, buy and believe.


We are them.

Chances are that the people on our team are your consumers too.  Why is that important?  Because we are them, we know how to find them, talk to them, entertain or educate them, and influence what they buy or if they recommend. That’s the creative and strategy portion of the show.

Now let’s talk about how we can help you.

CIG offers the full scope of communications services, right sized for your needs and goals:  

Brand strategy & storytelling
Media relations
Creative campaigns:  concept to execution
Content strategy & creation
Paid Influencer programs
Social media strategy, management & activation
Executive as Brand program