We ♥ people and the tech that makes their world go ‘round.

March’s Consumer Innovation Group (CIG) does consumer tech public relations for brands who want to inspire people to act – click, swipe, buy, try, vote, download, donate, recommend or visit – whatever. Here’s what we know to be true about consumer tech PR today – brands have got to matter to the people they are trying to influence. How? Well, that’s where we come in – we deliver brand storytelling with the strategy to back it up.

Data Nerds.

We believe in data. Big data. Small data. All data. In addition to being prolific consumers ourselves, we also believe in the power of data, research, and analysis to inform our narratives and ground them in the reality of our buyer.

Stories. Not fairytales.

March is laser-focused on shaping authentic brand narratives that inspire and make a difference to the people that will give a hoot. Stories matter because they engage, connect, and help consumers “see” your product or service in their lives.

We are them.

Chances are that the people on our team are your consumers, users, fans and champions.  Why does that matter?  Well – we are them, so we know how to find them, talk to them, entertain or inform them, reach them and influence their buying decisions. That’s the creative and strategy portion of the show. 

We love this @#$%

Health and wellness are big with us, as are digital lifestyle services from commerce to travel, food technology, and consumer devices. And, don’t even get us started on the innovations happening in the pet care space! Tech that empowers folks to live smarter, healthier, better is why we get out of bed in the morning. And if you’re still reading this, our guess is you’re like us, too. You get it.


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