The Year of Smart Living – Or Is It? March Comms Consumer Survey Tells All

, Mar 4, 2020

CATEGORIES: Consumer Innovation Group

Welcome to the Year of Smart Living. We’re talking about a new generation of health and wellness consumers – people who expect and wholly embrace smart tech, proven innovation and creative experiences that help them discover and be their best selves.

March Communications is here for that. Our proven ability to attract, excite and motivate today’s smart buyers is what makes our health and wellness tech portfolio one of our agency’s fastest growing. We’re passionate about helping our partner brands shape and share the stories that stick, accomplished by truly understanding the impacts that health and wellness tech have on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s how we approach our work every day, and it’s why we decided to launch our new consumer survey.

We wanted to know: Are technology and innovation making us healthier and our lives better?

The promise of health and wellness tech is to help us live smarter, more connected and enriched lives. The category has exploded to $4.2 trillion in recent years, with a massive surge of trendy devices and popular digital services in our day-to-day. But it remains to be seen if this promise is being realized.

We talked to more than 1,000 consumers nationwide to discover: Are we well?

The results will tell you that tech plays an integral role in consumers’ head-to-toe health. They’ll also tell you that, now more than ever, marketers need to be focusing on bringing scientific proof and effectiveness to the forefront to get consumer buy in.

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