Wellness Check: Are You Keeping Up with Your Promises and Today’s Tech?

, Feb 13, 2020

CATEGORIES: Consumer Innovation Group

Undoubtedly the turn of the decade has placed an enormous weight on all the aspirations that I feel pressured to set and achieve in 2020 (and I don’t think I’m the only one). With the new year now well underway, how are we coming with our bold resolutions and personal bests?

There’s so much more to us than what we measure and accomplish in the gym or on the field. Our whole health matters – including mental, emotional and physical – and society and tech are evolving to consider it all holistically.

Here are the two personal reminders I’m using to check in on my resolutions and whole health progress. I’m happy to report that with these guidelines, I am indeed progressing. I hope your wellness journey this year finds you doing the same!

Ignore what you don’t need.

The 2010s brought some of the most impressive technological innovation we’ve ever seen. Autonomous cars, 3D printed organs, and the constant growth of AI are a few of the advancements that make the future of tech look bright.

When it comes to our everyday health, smartwatches and trackers now connect us with apps and data that keep us tied to our goals, combined with a growing variety of options and trends available and often personalized just for us and our routines. But a byproduct has been increased screen time and pressure to keep up with our peers, which can be a serious detriment to our sanity and result in all-or-nothing movements like digital detoxing.

I believe there’s magic in moderation. We can access the world on our smart phones, but obsessing over standards that aren’t our own isn’t healthy. The solution: Be mindful of where we invest our attention, even when it comes to tech.

Identify your pain points and do the work to address them.

Evaluate how you’re feeling – physically, emotionally, mentally – and take advantage of the tech that you find most useful. This strategy will drive better and more sustainable results. For me, one area has been giving my body time to rest. Luckily, one of my clients is NormaTec.

NormaTec iterates rest and recovery as key factors in physical performance. The compression technology is relied on by elite athletes and weekend warriors alike to complete their rigorous training regimens. Having a system in our office means that I don’t have to decide between meeting my deadline or tending to my sore muscles. Using this wellness technology has alleviated a literal pain point in my resolutions!

With just a little effort in using the technology that matters most in my journey – whether that means less or more of it – I’m on the path to keeping my promises to myself as we continue into 2020.