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, Jul 8, 2020

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AI is at an inflection point. We have seen it disrupt industries like healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, and sustainability, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. At the same time, there’s also been a lot of confusion, uncertainty and misunderstandings around what AI is and what it can mean for our lives and livelihoods. As marketers and comms professionals, it’s our belief that we need to highlight the positive impact that AI is having and can continue to have, while debunking myths and tackling difficult conversations, like ethics and privacy, head-on.

That’s why we’re launching WE ARE AI, a campaign that takes full stock of the good, the bad and the future of AI. At the core of it – and March’s own AI practice – is our deep curiosity to understand how the technology works, the often-heated debates and issues central to its evolution, and the massive impact it’s already having across how we live and work. We also want to dig into the innovative technologies and the creators behind them. Throughout the campaign, we’ll explore five key questions that are critical to the advancement and broader acceptance of AI:

  • Is AI really changing the world?
  • What are the most meaningful ways AI can do this?
  • What are the most important issues we can’t ignore?
  • What do we have wrong about AI, and what do different companies do to address these myths?
  • How do individual companies’ use of AI help push the technology and its uses forward?

The idea was born out of our years of expertise and experience in the AI space, working with AI leaders like Affectiva, Neurala and, who ignited a passion within us for this tech and industry. In fact, you can read their own thoughts on AI and where the industry is going in our recent Q&A with Rana el Kaliouby, CEO and Co-Founder of Affectiva.

Finding the Rising Star in AI

Our own home bases of Boston and Atlanta are fast emerging as hubs of AI innovation. So we thought, what better way to kick things off than to look at our own local communities to find the most innovative, aspiring AI company?

That’s what our new Rising Star in AI contest is all about: putting a spotlight on the innovative AI solutions that are being developed in our own backyards and solving real problems in a new, creative way. And to find that rising star, we’ve recruited a stellar lineup of local AI and tech influencers who themselves have contributed to pushing the envelope on AI.

The winner of the contest is awarded free, high-value PR services of their choosing. Not a bad deal, if we do say so ourselves…

So, if you think your AI technology, product or service is that rising star, we want to hear from you! The call for entries starts today, July 8, and runs through Wednesday, July 29.

More information on the contest can be found at

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