March and Walker Sands Form 5th Largest U.S. Tech PR Agency

, Aug 18, 2021

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Big news from all of us at March today!

We’re excited and eager to finally announce that March has been acquired by Walker Sands, a full-service, award-winning marketing agency for B2B technology companies. The Chicago-based Walker Sands’ acquisition of March and our Boston and Atlanta locations makes our newly combined agency the fifth-largest tech PR firm in the United States.

We’re bringing together the best of both worlds: March’s long history of, and commitment to, telling the stories of technology innovation and innovators with Walker Sands’ proven track record of driving industry-leading business impacts for B2B tech companies, ranging from fast-growing startups to Fortune 100 companies. With five offices across the country – including Walker Sands’ locations in San Francisco and Seattle – Walker Sands and March will now boast a combined workforce of more than 170 full-time, dedicated PR and creative experts.

So, why an acquisition? March’s journey over these last 16 years has always been about growth and innovation – both for our clients and for ourselves. The idea of an acquisition was always part of that conversation, but it was just never the right time or the right company. But when Walker Sands approached us, everything clicked: the timing, the alignment in our culture and vision, the alignment in our services and potential for more growth. We knew now was the time to do this.

We are so proud that our collective efforts and achievements are being recognized in this way. Walker Sands has been known to us for some time – both as an agency we admire and as colleagues on the PR Council – but it was our recent conversations with each other that revealed the depth of our synergies on the things that matter to us most. Namely, our core values, people-first philosophy, commitment to craft excellence, belief in individual growth through opportunity, and a focus on the power and promise of technology and innovation. Together, we believe that Walker Sands and March will jointly be able to continue accelerating opportunities for our employees to grow their careers in a new direction, building out new services, and doing great work with new and interesting clients.

“Over the last 16 years, March has built up an amazing firm. Their deep expertise in technical subjects, commitment to the craft of public relations, and people-focused culture all really stood out to us, and I’m looking forward to building upon them as we grow together,” said Mike Santoro, CEO, Walker Sands. “I’m so excited for us to begin sharing our combined knowledge and growing together as one agency. This acquisition will create new pathways for growth – growth for our clients and our people – that neither of our organizations could have done alone.”

As part of this transformation, our name is changing, too. As you may have already noticed on our website, we are officially rebranding as March, a Walker Sands company. We’re sure you’ve got more questions, and we look forward to addressing those and sharing more exciting developments in time as March and Walker Sands continue to integrate into 2022. In the meantime, though, we’re just happy to share that March is now officially a part of the Walker Sands family, and we all look forward to furthering our mission and commitment to technology innovation together.

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