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[Video] The Truth About Viral Video Content

In today's video, March's Brendan Reilly talks about why the focus of your video content should be on quality, not virality.

[Video] Informational & Entertainment Value in Video Content

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In today’s video, I discuss balancing the two and using a few techniques to make videos feel a bit more cinematic, upping the perceived production value and visual appeal of your content. The end result is that your audience is both entertained/engaged and informed, making them much more likely to keep coming back for more.

The Roundup: PR News for the Week of September 14

In the September 14 Roundup, we explore the reasons to incorporate video marketing, some common facts and myths about PR, and March's new hires.

[Podcast] Take That Kernel and Make It Awesome

Brendan Reilly on what it takes to produce interesting, creative corporate videos that don't bore your customers to tears.

[Podcast] The Elephant and The Rider

What makes for great video marketing? Jim and Manny ask Marc Amigone, director of marketing for the professional video sharing platform MediaSilo, for his take on effective […]

A Glimpse Inside March Communications

Video content has proven to be an invaluable PR and marketing tool for many brands. It can help drive campaigns, […]

Video Content Strategy: Making the Right Monetary and Time Investments

When it comes to editing, be it B2B video content, 30-second commercials, documentaries or feature films, it pays to be […]

Google Exec: Video is a ‘Great Way to Go’ for B2Bs

Video content can be entertaining and informative, but is it really effective when it comes to influencing the C-suites of […]

How to Use Content Marketing and Video Marketing for PR

Yesterday afternoon, March’s Managing Partner Martin Jones co-presented a webinar hosted by PR News, “Content Marketing 101.”

It was a really […]

3 Affordable and Essential Items for Shooting Event Videos for PR

Video content is rapidly gaining popularity as a PR tool among brands in just about every industry. When it comes […]