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Rethinking Lead Gen in a GDPR World

With the GDPR deadline a little over two weeks away, marketers must not only ensure that all of their systems used internally to capture and handle customer and lead data are compliant, they also need to worry about third-party providers.

Blockchain: Building the Internet of Trust

As we look back at last week’s Boston Blockchain Week, we wanted to reflect on how blockchain rose to prominence in the first place and explore its potential for disruption.

Blockchain Innovation: Restoring Trust in Our Media and Beyond

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It’s Blockchain Week here in Boston, and we’re taking some time to think about how this technology might affect the communications industry.

GDPR and the Communications Challenge of Non-Compliance

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Now that we’re a month away from GDPR becoming a reality, communications teams should revisit the topic and consider how best to share their story of compliance.

Chaos Takes Control…with Artificial Intelligence

HBO’s Westworld this Sunday (April 22nd) – and as the true tech nerds we are, we couldn’t be more thrilled…or terrified. As a tech junky and PR pro, there couldn’t be a better time to keep up with the hype around AI in the media.

3 Ways PR Can Help Manage Today’s Review-Based Economy

Learning how to navigate today’s review-based economy is paramount to businesses’ success. And, as PR becomes increasingly tied to sales and marketing, here are three ways PR firms can help.

Roses are Red, Violets Are Blue, We Wrote a Blog About Why We Love PR, How ‘Bout You?

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There’s a lot to love about our work, so we figured that, in celebration of the season, we’d ask folks around the March office to share the moments that warmed their hearts. Here’s what they had to say.

3 Ways AI Will Help PR in 2018

For those – like me – who jump at the mention of new tech, the trend to watch for 2018 is the incorporation of AI (artificial intelligence), which I see playing a role in three main ways.

Insert fact-based, no-spin headline here

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As media consumers, it can be difficult at times to understand whether what we’re reading is completely accurate. It’s all too easy to be swayed by catchy headlines that try to elicit an emotional response, without knowing what to look for.

[Podcast] Get a Good Bugle

Media watcher Sam Whitmore returns to Hacks and Flacks to talk the future of video content, the art of content distribution, the influence of politics in tech media, and the impact of all this on tech PR.