[Podcast] There’s No Bad Time for Pop Tarts

Daquan Oliver, founder and executive director at WeThrive, shares a few lessons in social entrepreneurship and nonprofit marketing and communications.

[Podcast] Let Your Freak Flag Fly

In this episode of Hacks and Flacks, Marina Askari and Manny Veiga talk to Rica Elysee, founder of BeautyLynk, about how her personal story factored into how she built her company and its communications strategy.

Hot, Flat, Crowded: Alcohol Delivery Apps and the Startup Landscape

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If you follow the tech scene at all, it seems like million-dollar investments are happening on a daily basis, spawning […]

5 PR Tips to Get Your Tech Startup Noticed

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Over the past five years, VC firms have invested $31.5 billion across 3,308 deals for Silicon Valley tech startups. The […]

Betterific: A Modern-Day Suggestion Box

Ever have a brilliant idea that you didn’t know what to do with?

The three founders of Betterific feel your pain […]