PR pitching

[Video] Five Steps for Rapid Response Pitching

Time is critical when it comes to the news cycle and with a rapid response pitching strategy in place, your client will prepared to offer thoughtful commentary and insight to the media. Here are five essential steps for successful rapid response pitching.

[Podcast] PR Pitching: New Phone, Who Dis?

On this week's Hacks and Flacks, Manny Veiga and Paul Davenport talk to HealthITSecurity's Elizabeth Snell about her preferred rules of engagement when it comes to PR pitching and outreach.

[Podcast] To Newsjack, or Nah?

On this week's Hacks and Flacks, we ask Alex and March Account Director Courtney Allen: when does newsjacking cross the line, and how can PR pros ensure that their pitch actually benefits both the reporter and their client?

[Video] #PR Pro Tip – Rapid Response Pitching

March Communications' own Meredith L. Eaton offers some key advice in a new video for anyone looking to up their rapid response pitching.

3 Tips to Keep Rapid Response Pitching Truly Rapid

Three tips could help PR teams keep on top of rapid-response pitching: prepping commentary, ensuring target media lists are built, and knowing when to pitch without commentary.