#FridayFive: PR and Digital News Roundup [August 19 2016]

This week in March Communications #FridayFive, we uncover the latest in PR news, specifically: tips for managing your editorial calendar opportunities, how to get ROI from your PR program, reasons why PR fails and what to do about it, how the term "newsjacking" has affected the PR industry and what PR can learn from this election cycle.

[Podcast] To Newsjack, or Nah?

On this week's Hacks and Flacks, we ask Alex and March Account Director Courtney Allen: when does newsjacking cross the line, and how can PR pros ensure that their pitch actually benefits both the reporter and their client?

Why Dunkin Donuts and Banana Republic Are Experts at Newsjacking

In today’s social savvy world, sometimes following industry news and putting a personal touch on it is a great way […]