International PR

An Olympic Opportunity for Tech PR Professionals

The Olympics are broadcast to a global audience and, with this year’s games expected to receive over 3.6 billion global viewers, the international PR and media opportunities are countless.

Video Blog Post: Sarah W on International PR

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March Account Executive Sarah Wheble offers her thoughts on what makes working with an international client base so rewarding, as well as some of the funnier moments it's led to in her young career.

How to Target Your Content Campaigns by Geography

In a digital world flooded with content, the concept of personalization is becoming very popular. There’s much more emphasis on […]

5 PR Tips for International Companies Launching in the U.S.

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It’s becoming harder and harder for businesses to stand out in the American market. In 2013, 476,000 new businesses launched in […]

International PR: The German Landscape

Here at March, we have significant international PR experience, from helping technology companies break into the U.S. market to partnering […]

What Different Social Media Habits Mean for International PR

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Social media has become a global force, but that doesn’t mean that every country uses or treats social networks in […]