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[Podcast] Backed Facts vs Fake News

In this week's Hacks and Flacks, March VP Meredith L. Eaton and Content Manager Andrew Grzywacz break down the fake news phenomenon.

#FridayFive: PR and Digital News Roundup [September 9 2016]

This week in March Communications #FridayFive, we uncover the latest in PR, social and digital news, specifically: what B2B brands need to know before using Facebook Live, the anatomy of a Snapchat takeover, ways to kickstart your work after the summer is over, Apple's announcement of the iPhone 7 and how to use social media to improve crisis communications.

5 Tips for CEOs on How to Survive a PR Crisis

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When a corporate crisis strikes, crisis communications is crucial for the survival of any company. In these turbulent times, the […]

3 PR Crisis Communications Lessons From this Winter’s MBTA Fiasco

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We all understand that precipitation is part of being from New England, but commuting – especially these last few winter […]

5 Ways to Deal with a PR Crisis

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A PR crisis can happen fast. An unexpected event ripples throughout the company and executives go into crisis mode, seeking […]

Video: The Boston Marathon and Crisis Communications

Crisis communications is a topic that PR professionals should be acutely aware of. Last year’s Boston Marathon bombing was a […]