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[Podcast] Get a Good Bugle

Media watcher Sam Whitmore returns to Hacks and Flacks to talk the future of video content, the art of content distribution, the influence of politics in tech media, and the impact of all this on tech PR.

The Single Most Important Element of Live Event Video

Live events present one of the best opportunities for brands today to produce a wide range of video content. Here's one big tip to help you get the most out of live event video.

Memoirs of a Marcher: Brendan Reilly

In this week's Memoirs of a Marcher we chat with Brendan Reilly, video services director, who recently filmed Magic Johnson and the Neon Trees at a client event.

From Text to Online Video: the New Business Media Landscape

From an initial glance at the top business press outlets, it may seem like everything is business as usual. Business […]

3 B2B Video Marketing Strategies from GoPro

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As videos gain popularity as online marketing tools among B2B companies, many are thinking about the next step: video marketing […]