The Age of Assistance

Technology has simply introduced more options to consider when making decisions.  Unfortunately for me, and many others, a plethora of options absent informed context simply means more stress, uncertainty and an agonizing decision-making process.

Tracking the conversation around Amazon Go

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After a year of delays, Amazon finally opened its cashless and cashier-less convenience store to the public last Monday, and the initial reactions have ranged from curiosity to bemusement, to confusion and just about everything in between.

Amazon’s Eating the World, One Acquisition at a Time

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In a recent LinkedIn Pulse post, March's Zander Wharton argues that Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods should put many more companies on their heels.

What Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Buying The Washington Post Means for PR Professionals

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The world of journalism was left reeling earlier this week when news broke that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought The […]

An Argument Against Exaggerated Market Research

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In PR, we often encourage our clients to conduct research as a way to contribute to the industry news cycle […]

The Cut-Throat Tech Culture: Are You Up to the Challenge?

The late Steve Jobs made history as one of the most successful CEOs of the 21st century during his tenure […]