Standing Against AAPI Hate

, Mar 18, 2021


A year ago, we wanted to make clear that we stand against systemic racism and the violent forces of white supremacy and hate. That was true then, and it remains true now, as we stand in solidarity with our Asian-American and Pacific Islander friends, families, coworkers, and communities. The vicious shootings in Atlanta in this week struck close to home – Atlanta is not just one of March’s home bases, but also home to some of our employees, and we stand with them and the AAPI community in grieving this tragedy while also calling for true change and awareness.

As tragic as this week’s violence was, it is unfortunately nothing new. For months we’ve all seen the stories of a growing trend of hate crimes and violence inflicted on Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders across the country, particularly among Asian women and the elderly. The shootings in Atlanta this week are a grim reminder of what can happen when hate crimes like these continue to run rampant, without attention paid or swift action taken against them. Today, we’re making ourselves part of that action.

March Communications is making a donation to the Asian American Journalists Association to help their mission of diversifying newsrooms and providing more equitable media coverage of communities of color. Driving awareness of AAPI hate crimes and violence starts with bringing more attention to the problem. Below you can find a list of other helpful resources to join us in doing more to act, learn, and donate in solidarity with the AAPI community.

We said a year ago that we want to listen, grow, acknowledge our faultsand be a force of positive change. We are continuing to move forward on this path. This week’s violence is a reminder of why it’s so important for all of us to keep doing so.



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