Social Media Support at Events: CMA/SIMA Case Study

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What are events great for? In a word: Amplification. This aligns incredibly well with how companies use social media in general: to reach new and existing key audience members. Combining your next event presence with social media promotion—paid and organic—is a logical next step to making your efforts a success.

A strong social media plan is especially valuable for quickly adapting to a digital-first strategy as events are cancelled due to COVID-19.

Recently, we worked with one client to amplify their presence at CMA/SIMA 2020 (Category Management Association and Shopper Insights Management Association Conference). Their primary goals for social media were to drive website traffic and lead generation.

Tackling CMA/SIMA 2020

Note: While CMA/SIMA 2020 took place before COVID-19 led to in-person event cancellations, these efforts can be reworked accordingly to serve a digital-first event strategy that will amplify your company to its key audience and drive business results.

Our overall plan of attack served to drive booth traffic and conversation with company representatives at the event. We also wanted to pique the interest of non-attendees on social and prompt them to learn more about the company, either by checking out their website or scheduling a free consultation.

  • Organic Social Media – We began promoting their presence in the months leading up to the event. As the event drew nearer, their content became more focused on key topics relevant to the event: pricing intelligence and shopper insights. We also posted information specific to their presence, like booth # and conversation topics. This created a mini-feed of content that showed attendees what they could expect to learn from our client and where they could find them.
  • Paid Social Promotion – One month before the event, we ramped up efforts to promote their presence to key audience members on LinkedIn. As a professional platform, LinkedIn is specially geared for industry events like this one and B2B professionals that our client cares about. This served to reach attendees, as well as those who may not be attending but who are still considered valuable targets to reach.
  • Video Amplification – During the event, we posted daily videos recorded on-site previewing what the client planned to discuss that day to introduce their social audience (attending or not) to the company and add a personal touch to their social content. These videos drove organic engagement that amplified the company through retweets and shares.

Social media takes the cake

At the end of the event, the client was ecstatic that their videos had received thousands of views and paid and organic social promotion had driven hundreds of clicks to their website.

When you’re putting so much work into an industry event—or your own company-hosted event—it just makes sense to bring all that hard work online through social media. It makes it that much more flexible and valuable.

We support all of these efforts for clients—from promotional content (organic and paid) and recommendations or on-site support for content creation (videos and podcasts), to helping you repurpose planned content and pivot your strategy when events are cancelled or become digital-only.

Reach out to our team today to learn how we can support you.

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