Three Things in Social Media Today – August 10, 2020

, Aug 10, 2020

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Here are three things going on in the world of social media today – and why they matter.

Twitch into Action

When Amazon bought Twitch way back in 2014, it mostly let the game streaming community do its thing. Then it launched Twitch Prime a few years later and let’s go ahead and flashforward to today and Prime Gaming. The rebrand is positioned as a value-add for game developers and partners.

Here’s why this matters. Twitch has pretty much cornered the livestreaming gaming market. The gamers have loved Twitch since launch and built a pretty impressive network and community. As gaming continues to grow in popularity, the “big guys” – Apple, Google, Facebook – have launched apps to get in on the action. Amazon famously flopped its big foray into game development flopped. Maybe Amazon should be listening more to the Twitch community. Gamers like what they like and having the Prime branding slapped onto the service may not have the cache Amazon is betting on.

If You Say So

Remember voice Tweets? You know, that feature that rolled out in June that allowed users to audio record themselves instead of typing out their thoughts? Don’t worry if you don’t recall. Turns out it hasn’t rolled out to all users and it’s been pretty much abandoned by everyone else.

Here’s why this matters. Voice Tweets were meant to give users another way of connecting. But it introduced a new problem with accessibility. And then Twitter didn’t bother rolling it out to all users anyway. So if you missed out on voice Tweets, don’t worry. You didn’t miss much.

TikTok-ers get Paid

The first 19 TikTok creators to get paid under the new Creators Fund have been announced. The $200 million venture was established to support ambitious creators who “are seeking opportunities to foster a livelihood” on the platform. Compared to YouTube’s Creator Program, TikTok requires significantly more followers and views on content before they can monetize content.

Here’s why this matters. Creating good content that people want to see is hard. TikTok gets that. Paying creators in the U.S. may be an important strategic move for the company’s image right now. TikTok has spent months trying to be “more American” as it faces a ban under executive order from the president. Paying more Americans may be a good move to make it a more viable, economic platform in the U.S. It’s probably not enough to save the company, but may help its appeal for a U.S.-based buyer.


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