Listen Up! How Social Listening Empowers Your Social Strategy

, Oct 20, 2021

CATEGORIES: The Innovator's Mic Podcast, Podcast

Brands already know how powerful social media is when it comes to engaging with your audience. But posting and putting their own ideas out there is just a piece of engaging with audiences – if brands pay attention, they can learn more about their audiences and connect more deeply.

Brands can actively “listen” to the content their audience and competitors put out to hop on trends as they unfold. This proactive strategy leverages relevant and significant information from your audience and competitors to achieve brand awareness, generate leads, and increase customer touch points.

In this episode Zorina Akhund, Social Media Associate at March, spoke with Nicole Tabak, Community and Content Manager at Own Up, about how brands can benefit from social listening and achieve success through a proactive strategy that analyzes audience, target market and competitor data.


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