MIC’d Up: Is #SephoraSquad Bringing Authenticity Back to Influencer Marketing?

, Apr 12, 2019

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Marketing is changing, and there’s a new god to worship. Goes by the name of Influencer. Now, Traditional Marketing still has its followers, but prophesizing through massive billboards and pestering telemarketers is a dying practice. In the latest brand bible, influence and relatability rule all.

The newest clergyman – Sephora. Have you heard of their #SephoraSquad campaign?

Officially labeled as a “beauty-influencer program,” #SephoraSquad has weeded through thousands of applications and selected the most authentic and inspiring voices in the digital beauty space. The unique campaign has championed “sorry-not-sorry” influencers to share their “beauty truths” in exchange for a paid one-year contract with Sephora, free products, professional coaching, content collaboration opportunities, repost consideration and more.

The campaign screams authenticity. By selecting a roster of diverse, knowledgeable and bold consumers to represent their squad, Sephora has made all the right moves. But, is this campaign really… “real”? Every consumer had the opportunity to apply, so the positioning is of a truly democratized brand – one for all people, by all people. But, strip away the fancy alliterations, millennial-tailored graphics, and enhanced UI, and we have to wonder the extent to which Sephora is dictating this conversation – are they just combing through a treasure trove of content to find that perfectly controlled brand message?

The most effective influencer campaigns are those that promote real opinions from real people. Influencers act as a buffer for brand jargon, and consumers have come to expect honest content from those they follow.

Are you listening, Sephora? Brand authenticity is on the line – let the Squad speak! I’ll be following 😉