Seeking Credibility, in News and PR

, Jun 14, 2017

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In an era of increasingly prominent fake news, media consumers are looking for credible information from credible sources. As self-publishing platforms like Medium, Twitter and Reddit continue to provide unfiltered, often unedited communications, there has been a dramatic surge in newspaper and magazine subscriptions all around the country.

Newspapers are often viewed as more credible because of strict editorial processes, fact-checking and rules about sourcing. Recently, subscription surges have been reported at The Wall Street Journal (300 percent increase), LA Times (60 percent) and The Atlantic (160 percent), to name a few.

This rapid growth shows few signs of slowing. In fact, the New York Times announced a second consecutive quarter of record-breaking subscriber growth, with 308,000 new subscribers added in the first quarter of 2017.

What does this mean for the PR industry? March Vice President Meredith L. Eaton explores this phenomenon and more in her most recent LinkedIn Pulse piece, “Wanted: Credible news in an era of self-publishing & fake facts.” For both owned and earned content, PR pros need to act as their clients’ editors. From fact-checking content on a brand’s self-published platform to pitching research-based stories, comms professionals can help bolster their clients’ credibility.

For more of Meredith’s crisis communications tips, check out this Hacks & Flacks podcast on how to respond to a damaging story, as well as the Wall Street Journal’s two-part series about what companies can do when they are victimized by a fake news scam.

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