A Second Letter to WFH Parents: We Still Got This!

, May 19, 2020


Dear Parents,

Congratulations on making it through two months of working from home, juggling kiddos and work. Sorry it has taken me this long to write another letter, things have been busy.

In my first letter, I wrote about four tips to help set you up for success: Schedule and plan, get moving, set rigidity aside and talk. Those tips have been incredibly helpful to me, and I found a few other tricks along the way that I’d like to share.

  • Patience – Last week, everyone in the Hosman household was assigned a word to focus on and practice. My husband and I decided to practice patience, which means patience with oneself, each other, our son, coworkers and anything that comes our way. Sure, we’ve done our part to “schedule and plan,” but things always creep up. It’s important to try and stay as flexible as possible without losing your cool. And yes, for those who were wondering – the dog was also assigned a word. Patience. She’s a saint for putting up with constant tail pulling.
  • Listen – My son’s word is listen, something he needs a lot of practice with. To be fair, I think we all could use some practice listening. A WFH environment can be very successful with the right amount of listening – listening to and respecting when your significant other/roommate needs quiet time, listening to your kids when they need a little extra love and listening to your colleagues when they need a little extra support. This word can also be challenged a bit, for example, turning off the news when you need a listening break.
  • Preparation – There is usually a point in the day where you’ll find that you (and your children) need a break. What’s been helpful is a bag by the door with snacks, diapers, wipes, masks and toys so it can easily be grabbed for a getaway. And that getaway might be to the park down the street.
  • Acceptance – Have you accepted the fact that things might be virtual for a while? Meetings may continue to be via Zoom, workouts via your favorite virtual platform (Peloton, your local gym or maybe my cardio class at Health Yoga Life) and family gatherings/birthday parties that look like The Brady Bunch opening screen. Now is a good time to accept these changes and be grateful that technology allows us to connect virtually.

As stated in my first letter, my favorite March core value is “Be human.” I have written these four words on our fridge markerboard, which will serve as a reminder to do my best through the crisis.

We still got this!

– Liz

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