[Podcast] ‘Race After Technology’: Breaking Down the New Jim Code

, Feb 11, 2021

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Today on The Innovator’s Mic, in the spirit of Black History Month, we’re talking about our latest Overbooked Book Club choice – Race After Technology, by Ruha Benjamin, which extrapolates how people of color have or have not been represented in innovation.

As two members of our Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Committee at March, Zorina Akhund, Account Executive, and Franki Darnold, Assistant Account Executive, take us through a brief background on the book’s author, Ruha Benjamin and her achievements as not only an author of four books, but as a professor who has dedicated her life to teaching the world about the relationship between race and innovation. They also cover few major themes of the book – including, how racism is deeply engrained in technology, Benjamin’s coined phrase: “The New Jim Code,” and how discriminatory design impacts the way we interact with tech. Finally, Zorina and Franki answer the overarching question of Race After Technology: Are robots racist?

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