Looking Ahead to March’s Mission for 2019

Yesterday Martin and Cheryl explored the major trends that swept across PR in 2018, as well as their March highlights of the year. Today, they look ahead to what’s on tap for 2019.

Based on March’s trajectory, what are you most looking forward to about 2019?

Martin: A big focus for us in 2019 is authenticity, and making sure that that’s reflected in our clients’ brands and brand narratives. Our clients understand that media has changed and audience savviness has changed, but they may not always be quick to apply those changes into their comms. Long press releases, language like “the greatest” and “first ever,” etc. This stuff is old hat, and audiences aren’t buying it anymore. So, a big part of our work with clients this year is going to a stronger focus on storytelling and crafting a narrative that captures the authenticity of their voices but also resonates with modern audiences.

Cheryl: We’re also looking to build more growth around our core target industries, like AI, healthcare and innovation brands. There’s a lot of disruption and innovation going on in healthcare especially, which is a good fit for our client profiles and a good fit for the experienced healthcare team we’ve built up here. It’s one sector we’re especially excited about building out further this year.

Martin: Healthcare is a really interesting field for us, because technology is becoming increasingly vertical-agnostic. That’s why we see healthcare taking off, because it’s not really about telling healthcare-specific stories, it’s about telling big data stories. The health and wellness aspect is a great hook for us and journalists and audiences, but it’s also really a backdrop to a bigger innovation and disruption story. Other traditional sectors like retail, travel, automotive, even pet care are reinventing themselves through a tech lens, to align with how their consumers live. The walls between consumer brands and technology are coming down; now, the expectation is that tech is at the core of what consumer brands do and deliver. March is in a great position to capitalize on this shift for our clients.

Finally, from an agency/culture perspective, is there anything you want to do more of or do differently this year?

Martin: We’ll be launching new services this year built around some of our areas of dedicated expertise. Influencer marketing, in particular, is becoming a growing part of what we do and something we will be looking to spin off into a separate, dedicated set of services for clients. These will be built out into new packages that our clients can better take advantage of, and will also do a better job of highlighting our unique strengths as an agency.

Cheryl: Hiring and recruitment will be a big push for 2019. We want to bring onboard more great people to join our team. We’re a dynamic, fast-moving agency and we want more talented people to help us keep pushing that. We’re especially interested in recruiting folks with a background in paid influencers and social, so we can build up this work even more internally – both for our clients and for ourselves.

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