RSA and Other Tech Events Offer Prime Opportunity for Innovators

, Feb 14, 2017

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RSA Conference, one of the world’s biggest cybersecurity events, is kicking into full gear this week. There are few other PR events in March’s calendar that get as much of our, and our clients’, attention and for good reason. Whether you’re a fledgling new startup on the security scene or a veteran brand name that has dominated in the industry for years, RSA is a great opportunity to meet with your peers, check out the latest cutting-edge solutions in cybersecurity and make a name for yourself as a credible thought leader.

Easier said than done! But, it’s something that we’ve long excelled at helping our clients accomplish. This year is posed to be the biggest RSA yet, with record-breaking levels of attendees, speakers and discussion tracks. Our Managing Director, Cheryl Gale, recently weighed in on what up-and-coming infosec startups attending RSA for the first time should do to best take advantage of the event – and what not to spend their time on. In short: steer clear of the freebies, commiserate with the technical experts and, when in doubt, go bold and brazen.

Tech events are undoubtedly exciting opportunities to get the measure of your industry, and check out the next innovation coming down the line. But, any event with thousands of people and dozens of speaking sessions and product demos is, suffice it to say, going to be a stressful, even overwhelming experience. All the more reason why Courtney Allen, our Account Director, has outlined a handful of tried-and-true practices for keeping your cool on the show floor and putting your best foot forward in representing your company.

Courtney, along with fellow Account Director James Gerber and Senior Account Executive Alex Jafarzadeh, have already an events-heavy 2017, having gone to CES and the National Retail Federation’s Retail Big Show in the past month. They sat down with Manny Veiga and Hacks and Flacks recently to break down their reports from the road, going over not just the coolest innovators in the market right now, but how these companies are or aren’t connecting with their target buyers, as well as what companies can do to keep their products from ending up in “the graveyard of gimmicky tech.”