Enterprise Blogging Program


As a global enterprise, Pitney Bowes runs a large network of blogs across several departments. Each one is overseen by a different internal manager and requires unique content. They needed someone to tame the content beast, bringing everything together in one cohesive, unified enterprise blogging program.

Strategic Approach

  • Deployed a team of March Content Managers to ensure consistency and quality in the production of blogs, long-form articles and mid-funnel content for seven different Pitney Bowes blogs
  • Aligned the blog strategy closely with the company’s overall priorities in content marketing, demand and lead generation, social media and SEO
  • Created and maintained a comprehensive annual activity log that tracks all ideas, completed posts, and metrics
  • Developed standardized content tools and request templates to ensure stakeholders throughout the enterprise can share blog ideas and keep track of deadlines
  • Maintained daily contact with internal PB marketing managers to plan campaigns, develop ideas, interview experts and fine-tune messaging
  • Developed additional non-blog content upon request, including long-form articles, reports, case studies, whitepapers and more


  • Since March became lead blog agency in 2014, the Pitney Bowes blog platform has achieved 8 million page views.
  • Roughly 62 percent of Pitney Bowes blog traffic is from organic search, demonstrating the significant value brought by the SEO strategy developed and deployed by March and the client
  • The blog has topped 23,000 social shares.
  • The 500+ pieces produced by March since 2014 drive readers through the Pitney Bowes marketing funnel. The blog generated more than 62,000 clicks through to mid- and bottom-funnel demand or lead gen website content.
  • Tightly integrated in multiple facets of the Pitney Bowes marketing team, March has offered a strong base of knowledge from which to produce new content, and a strong position from which we can advise the client on new projects.

“We’ve been very impressed not only with the quality of the content we receive from March, but also with their eagerness and expertise in re-directing our content strategy. Their team has worked alongside ours to ensure the content matches our desired tone, serves our audience and reaffirms Pitney Bowes’ position as a leader in our industry. We’re excited to move forward with March as our single content agency of record as we continue to shape and define the Pitney Bowes brand.”

Jason Bartlett, Vice President of Digital Marketing and eCommerce, Pitney Bowes