PR Strategy for Successful Tech IPO


With email security company Mimecast preparing for its IPO, March Communications worked alongside the company and an IPO specialist to navigate legal restrictions while maximizing impact for its IPO among trade, local and business press.

Strategic Approach

  • Worked closely with outside legal counsel to ensure all SEC guidelines were being followed, including the strict quiet periods leading up to the official IPO.
  • Ensured that any business-as-usual activity didn’t jeopardize the IPO or listing price with forward-looking statements, while still maintaining a steady buzz of normal activity.
  • Consulted on everything from Q&A prep to the design of the NASDAQ banners in Times Square
  • Led a broadcast training session with mock video interviews to prepare the CEO for the quick-fire media interviews on the NASDAQ floor and helped prep execs on how to handle tough media questions and what they could/couldn’t say.
  • Researched and prioritized target media for pitching 48-hours in advance of the IPO based on whether they had inquired about a potential Mimecast IPO in the past, wrote about local competitor Rapid7’s IPO or covered IPOs generally, was a top-tier security influencer for ITDMs in trade press, or had been briefed by Mimecast before.


  • Even though it competed with other strong, same-day IPOs from the likes of payments startup Square and dating giant Match, Mimecast achieved a very successful IPO on NASDAQ with ample press briefings and coverage.
  • Focusing on local press, March conducted 5 day-of IPO briefings, including ones with BostInno, Boston Business Journal, The Boston Globe and IDG.
  • Together with the IPO specialist, March secured 81 pieces of unique U.S. coverage, including 4 Wall Street Journal pieces and 12 local Boston features. All together, there were 177 pieces of global coverage, including syndications.
  • A standout headline was secured in Fortune with Robert Hackett, featuring Mimecast above the other same-day IPOs from Square and Match, noting “This is the IPO You Missed Today.”