Integrated Brand Strategy


Comptel has a 30-year legacy supporting the business and IT operations of telecommunications operators, and wanted to reposition itself as a forward-thinking, innovative and inspirational company.

Strategic Approach

  • Craft a thought-leadership-driven, 150-page book to serve as the centerpiece of Comptel’s brand revitalization, and help it establish a foundation for telling a contemporary story and conveying a more passionate tone of voice
  • Use the Operation Nexterday book for multiple purposes, including:
    • Serving as a promotional element to publically relaunch Comptel at Mobile World Congress;
    • Become the theme for an annual Nexterday North event held in conjunction with Slush in Helsinki;
    • Kickstart brand building for executive team members; and
    • Leverage for online demand generation.
  • Adopt an integrated paid, owned, earned and shared media approach to get maximum mileage out of the book content


  • Comptel distributed more than 5,000 copies of the Operation Nexterday book over the course of 2015
  • Promotion of an advertorial published in telecom industry publication Pipeline, conveying Comptel’s transformation and linking to the book, garnered approximately 500 leads
  • LinkedIn Pulse pieces retelling the Operation Nexterday stories generated an average of 340 views each
  • Comptel conducted 19 and 23 meetings with its key press and analyst contacts at Mobile World Congress and follow-up industry event TM Forum Live!, respectively, in which it discusses its transformation and the stories in the core piece of content
  • The company achieved a 26% Twitter and 52% LinkedIn follower growth since starting to promote Operation Nexterday

“When I joined Comptel, a global organization with headquarters in Helsinki, I was keen on bringing in a more local agency to support our PR and marketing needs. But March quickly demonstrated its value and quickly won me over through the sheer quality of its work. March’s intelligent approach and persistent proactivity, combined with its influencer network reach, content creation skills and industry expertise, has made the agency a truly valued and collaborative partner to Comptel’s marketing and executive teams.”

Ari Vänttinen, CMO, Comptel