CES Case Study


Marxent is a leader in 3D product visualization, working with major retailers and manufacturers to create immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences for shoppers. The company wanted to leverage CES 2016 as a key moment to raise awareness of its offering and expertise as an established virtual and augmented reality player, building momentum for a sustained media relations program.

Strategic Approach

  • Highly targeted, personalized outreach to a relevant subset of the 3,800+ media attending CES, positioning Marxent as a company that is already helping businesses solve problems with AR/VR. The team pre-pitched a month in advance and a March team member attended the show to pitch demoes on-site at Marxent’s booth that showcased to business, AR / VR, innovation, home design and retail press how a home improvement project could be configured in 3D.
  • Cut through the pitch clutter in journalists’ inboxes by pitching select (less than 30) tier one/gold reporters with personalized mailers containing instructions on how to view a YouTube 360 VR video about Marxent with a Google Cardboard, which was created specifically for CES.
  • Leveraged additional owned activity, including two pre-CES press releases and five CES-related award submissions.
  • Advised Marxent on additional activities to boost its presence and generate buzz, such as creating a dedicated CES press page, media training Marxent’s CEO, strategizing how to optimize the attendance of a well-known investor and engaging with media on Twitter.


  • March secured 37 pieces of coverage, 21 of which were in gold/tier one targets. This included publications like USA Today, PC World, CNET, TechRepublic, Consumer Reports, ZDNet and Inc.
    • Because of the 37 pieces of coverage, Marxent was able to update its company Wikipedia page with national citations
    • More than 10 pieces of coverage had compelling headlines that tied directly back to Marxent’s objectives and messaging, including “Will virtual reality help you buy more? Retailers are betting on it” (CNET) and “Marxent wants to be the business content management system for the VR age” (PCWorld & IDG publications)
  • Secured 108 briefings/demos, 40 of which were gold/tier one targets
  • Combined coverage achieved more than 3,500 social shares across Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Marxent added 21 linking root domains and 209 inbound links on Google to its website
  • Marxent saw heightened website activity across the board between January 5, 2016 and March 10, 2016 compared to the same time period the year before. Specifically, Marxent’s website had 45% more users, 45% more sessions and 41% more pageviews

“We hired March during a critical stage of our growth. From the beginning, the folks at March were brimming with creative ideas and counsel on how to maximize our presence at CES 2016. Their proactive approach and persistence in pursuing coverage prior to, during and after the event paid off and they exceeded our media exposure expectations. The buzz that March helped us to build for CES and their continued follow on efforts have enabled us to establish a position as a thought leader in our industry, attract and recruit new talent, solidify funding opportunities and boost team morale. We truly enjoy working with the March team. They are fun, dependable people who know how to put together a focused effort that gets results.”

Sonia Schechter, Chief Marketing Officer, Marxent