[Podcast] How March and Walker Sands Will Build A People-First Agency

, Aug 18, 2021

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In case you haven’t heard yet – March has been acquired by Walker Sands, a full-service, award-winning marketing agency for B2B technology companies. Our newly combined agency rings-in as the fifth-largest tech PR firm in the US, with a combined staff of 170 located in Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta.

The idea of an acquisition has always been on our radar, but opportunities over the years never felt quite right. But when Walker Sands approached us, everything clicked, from timing, to culture and vision, to services and room for growth. Together, we benefit from the best of both worlds: March’s experience and commitment to telling stories of innovation, and Walker Sands’ proven track record with accelerating the growth of industry-leading B2B tech brands.

To share our excitement and thinking behind this partnership, we went straight to the source. March co-founders Martin Jones, CEO, and Cheryl Gale, President, invited Mike Santoro, CEO of Walker Sands, to our podcast to chat about the thinking behind the acquisition and the opportunities ahead for our clients and our people.

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