How to Talk to Your Parents About Public Relations

, Oct 19, 2018

CATEGORIES: Public Relations

I’ve been in public relations for 20 years and my parents still have no idea what I do. Zero clue.

I’ll occasionally try to talk about my job or PR agency clients and they’ll nod politely and smile as their eyes dart around searching for something else – anything else – to talk about, like the game on TV or the “damn geese” in the yard or maybe their gigantic succulent houseplant that finally bloomed, can you believe it?

It’s not their fault, really. What does public relations mean, anyway?

A doctor is a doctor and a lawyer is a lawyer and an accountant is an accountant. Everyone and their mother knows what these jobs mean.

Not so much with public relations.

A PR professional is a … well, it’s a confluence of related disciplines like marketing, social media, media relations, media training, data analytics, content creation, research, creative services, search engine optimization, paid search and paid advertising and resource planning and on and on.

It’s being a tactician and a strategic advisor and a leader and a team member and a business person who thinks like an analyst but executes like a well-oiled machine for clients. We are brokers of information, crafters of stories, resolvers of crises and tippers of scales.

We are where the action is. We make action where there is none.

We pitch ideas to influential media. We pitch our ideas to the C-suite of companies large and small and then help them sell those ideas to the press.

We are always selling and yet always mindful not to oversell or be blatantly self-promotional on behalf of ourselves or our clients. We know how to read the room. We walk the line.

We provide you with the tools to reach new conclusions and the stories to make you feel great about having evolved your thinking.

We build revenue and brand equity and trust among key audiences on behalf of clients. We build value.

That’s it! Understand, mom and dad? We totally build value for clients!

Get it, guys? It’s like we make that houseplant you’re staring at blossom!