Overbooked: Stranger Danger or Know Your Neighbor?

, Nov 4, 2019

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Earlier this year, March launched the Overbooked book club. Each quarter we choose a new book that will inspire us in our day-to-day work – living and breathing B2B and consumer tech PR. As we close out the year, and decade (!), we’re doing things a bit differently. We’ve stepped away from the traditional techie reads for a moment and decided to focus on what has united PR – every type of PR – over the last ten years – people. Here’s what we’ll be reading:

Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know, by Malcom Gladwell.

Talking to Strangers gives us the opportunity to get to the root of what makes people – and ourselves – tick. As PR professionals, we like to think that we’ve got the public’s trust, but do we really? It’s a hard-hitting question, and one we’ll explore in Gladwell’s writing. His book orients itself around it, why we should inherently trust, and what to do when we encounter situations and people that seem skeptical to us.

Effective communication, and building trust through that, is paramount for success in our industry, for those people we do know and even more so for those we don’t. This book gives us the opportunity to explore these interactions. We may not learn everything there is to know in just 346 pages, but personally, and professionally, we have a feeling we’ll be better people for having read it.

So, get to know one another, with us. Follow our discussions, musings and more on Twitter and LinkedIn. And, stay tuned for our Hacks & Flacks podcast episode in December, where we’ll discuss our takeaways on the book.