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Overbooked: The Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence

, Feb 6, 2020

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Another year in the books, or rather, several books in the past year! March Communications is celebrating its first full year of our book club, Overbooked. It’s hard to believe that we already read four fantastic releases that focused on the things we care about most: technology and storytelling.

Every quarter we pick another book to give us inspiration, ideas, and help keep the innovative juices flowing. To kick off the dawn of a new decade, we decided to delve into the futuristic glimpse of brain science, reading The NeuroGeneration by Tan Le.

Tech pioneer and award-winning inventor Le explains that we are entering into “an all-encompassing age of unprecedented change in the way we use and understand the brain that may forever alter what it means to be human.” But while technological advances hold great promise, they also bring potential danger. What are the physical, psychological, and even ethical possibilities with artificial intelligence (AI) advancements? How will humans interact with each other, and continue shaping the world with innovations that were once thought creations of Sci-Fi stories?

Le explores the latest brain science advancements, including how we’re getting closer to making Jedi-like mind control a reality, how medical advances can impact brain disease, and even delves into the responsibilities that come with technological growth.

At March, we are all about innovation, and have several clients already making waves in the AI, technology, and health and wellness spaces. AI is everywhere, from healthcare to video games to finance. We’re excited to see what sorts of possibilities await us, and how it could potentially impact our everyday lives – both in the PR world and outside of it.

Join us on this journey of discovery and read along with us. We’ll also post updates and thoughts on Twitter and LinkedIn. Stay tuned to our podcast, Hacks and Flacks, to listen to our full breakdown and discussion of the book next month!