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Overbooked: Bad Blood at March Communications?

, Apr 4, 2019

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You bet we’ve got bad blood at March Communications – but not in the way Taylor Swift does. This quarter for our recently launched Overbooked book club, we’ll be reading Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup.

Driven by our passion for innovative technology, we started Overbooked last quarter to give us an opportunity to read and discuss hot new releases together. Each book discussion will be featured on our podcast, Hacks & Flacks, and draw on questions shared across our social channels. Have you read the book? Send us your thoughts and questions to engage in what’s sure to be a lively conversation.

While Bad Blood is not a brand new release, there could be no better time to dive into Elizabeth Holmes’ story following HBO’s recent documentary, The Inventor, which re-ignited widespread fascination in the story behind Theranos. In theory, a cutting-edge blood-testing health tech company worth billions of dollars would have been a dream client to work for. Which is partly why it’s so intriguing to see how it all went so wrong, ending in a massive fraud scandal with Holmes – touted as the next Steve Jobs – at the center of the drama.

As a self-proclaimed health tech nerd, I’m particularly excited to read about the rise and fall of this startup “unicorn,” that falsely promised to change the way blood is tested. If Theranos’ technology actually worked, it could have revolutionized the medical industry – which is why it’s so devastating to know it was a farce. In an industry known for being slow to adopt cutting-edge technology, a setback like this unfairly clouds some of the great work that legitimate companies are actually doing to transform the delivery of care. Moreover, Bad Blood is written by the investigative journalist that uncovered the scam – so the media junkie in me can’t wait to read a complete narrative from the reporter’s point of view.

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