#NRF17: Adapting to a Changing Retail Landscape

, Jan 20, 2017

CATEGORIES: Tech & Innovation
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This past week, the March team, including Account Director Courtney Allen, attended the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show in New York City. With over 500 exhibitors and 35,000 attendees, NRF’s Big Show is the biggest retail trade show of the year.

Both on the floor show and in breakout sessions, a big theme this year was customer engagement. Whether adapting to changing customer expectations or creating personalized experiences, retailers are focusing on how to best engage with their customers in 2017. And as technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality begin to transform the retail experience, retailers must be sure to keep up – or risk being left behind.

In her latest LinkedIn Pulse piece, Courtney shared some thoughts about the show, some calls to action for the retail community and a few key areas for innovation in customer engagement. Without the need for customers to visit a physical store, what tools can retailers use to make customers want to?

Over the past few years, the need to create an engaging in-store experience has grown. Marcus LaRobardiere, Marking Manager at Bouncepad, sat down with March to record a podcast, “Air Force Ones in Mint Green,” on the subject. LaRobardiere explained how Bouncepad uses its tablet enclosures to create captivating in-store experiences for customers.