Helping Neurala Become an AI Leader in Manufacturing

, May 7, 2020

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Neurala is a pioneer in AI-powered visual inspections, with a mission to make AI more applicable and useful in real-world applications. Its technology enables businesses across the industrial, drone, robotics and smart devices verticals to dramatically reduce the time, cost and skills required to build and maintain production-quality custom vision AI solutions. Manufacturing is a particularly interesting application for Neurala, as its technology can help solve challenges of visual inspection on factory floors and improve automation for the Industry 4.0 era.

March was on a mission to create widespread awareness of Neurala among manufacturing businesses and show the value, benefits and impact that AI, and its technology specifically, could have on the industry.

March’s approach: Create Awareness that Builds Trust & Credibility with Manufacturing Audiences

The manufacturing sector is on the brink of a massive technical disruption with Industry 4.0, and industrial and manufacturing companies are increasingly looking for innovative, next-generation solutions to meet their needs in this area.

Neurala had a significant role to play in this movement, and we needed to ensure its message reflected the varying rate of adoption amongst its customers and prospects. While many innovation leads at manufacturing companies are well-aware of AI’s potential, plant managers may be more hesitant to adopt new technology if it does not clearly fit into existing workflows. If the narrative was too AI-focused, we’d lose some, and if it wasn’t innovation-driven enough, we’d lose others. Neurala needed to build trust and credibility with manufacturers across the board, no matter where they were in their path toward Industry 4.0.

With this understanding, March develop nuanced narratives to reach different sales personas in manufacturing. Audiences included plant managers on the factory floor through to decision makers in innovation groups. Those narratives underpinned thought leadership bylines and proactive pitch topics such as AI’s capacity for revitalizing and driving innovation in manufacturing, how to minimize the barrier to entry for companies implementing AI, and the new level of innovation Neurala could bring to the industry.

Central to the narrative was also showing Neurala’s personal connection to the industry, to help build a sense of trust and understanding. We drew on personal stories of the company’s co-founders, CEO Max Versace and COO Heather Ames, both of whose upbringings were heavily shaped by the manufacturing industry. We also leaned on early customers in the vertical to show the immediate impact, value and benefits that Neurala was able to deliver, and could have on others.

The results

Creating awareness in a new industry doesn’t happen overnight, but within 6 months, we had made some great progress. We had landed 40 pieces of unique coverage in business, tech and manufacturing trade publications, spanning multiple features and byline placements and reaching over 467M potential readers. A feature article in Forbes, “This Startup is Using AI to Transform Industrial Quality Inspections,” was one we were most proud of.

We were also getting positive feedback from Neurala’s executive team, those on the ground working with manufacturers and Board members, proving that the awareness was helping to build trust and credibility among the target audience.

Neurala is just one of many innovative AI companies we’ve been proud to work with over the years. With the expertise that our talented PR, content and social teams have cultivated in this space, alongside our proven relationships with AI-tech and business journalists, March Communications is uniquely positioned to help shape your AI innovation story and get the word out to the broader audience you deserve.

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