[Podcast] ‘The Moment of Lift’ and Empowering Women in PR

, Oct 7, 2019

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A new bestseller from philanthropist and entrepreneur Melinda Gates tackles issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment. Her book “The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World,” proposes that if you want to lift an entire society – all genders – you need to invest in women.

On this episode of Hacks and Flacks, Account Supervisor Kylle Sullivan and Senior Account Executive Bill Moody recap the major themes from the book and also discuss the issue of gender equality through the lens of the tech and PR industries.

We also hear from Cheryl Gale, co-founder and president of March, on the unique paradox facing many women in PR: despite the fact that women make up between 60 to 80 percent of the PR workforce, only 20 percent of the senior leadership positions at PR agencies are held by women.

Overbooked continues in Q4: Every quarter, we’ll select a book with a technology innovation theme to read together, and we’ll be announcing our next selection soon. If you have any ideas or recommendations on great books to read, tweet us @MarchComms.

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