[Podcast] March Turns 15 – Looking Back and Looking Ahead

, Dec 14, 2020

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We’re switching things up on Hacks and Flacks today. This year March Communications celebrated 15 years as a tech PR agency – a big deal for any business and especially in the ever-changing world of communications. We were originally planning on a big celebration in our brand-new Boston office, but of course, that’s been put on hold. Fingers crossed for a belated 15th birthday party in 2021.

Nevertheless, we still want to mark the occasion by taking a moment to not only reflect on these past 15 years, but also think about what the next 15 could look like. Who better to do so than our co-founders Cheryl Gale and Martin Jones? Martin’s up this week.

In this episode we asked Martin Jones, March CEO, how the PR industry is currently tackling the challenges brought on by COVID-19, and what he anticipates will change over the coming months. We also covered trends in what clients want from agencies, PR’s role in mitigating misinformation, and advice for budding entrepreneurs.

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