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5 Examples of What Companies Should Post on LinkedIn

, Mar 11, 2014

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LinkedIn Company Pages can be optimized to drive direct engagement and sales, as well as to help brands meet their content marketing and thought leadership goals. Because of the inherent trust professionals feel for LinkedIn, your own LinkedIn Company Page could become a destination spot for your audience.

What should you post on your LinkedIn Company Page? We’ve selected five examples of strong examples (click pictures to view each company page), but if you have more questions, check out the list of FAQs that LinkedIn has compiled.


In the last month, Zipcar has posted about an announcement of a VP’s appearance during a SXSW panel, a profile of a Zipcar employee who volunteers in Haiti, an op-ed about London traffic written by Zipcar’s GM and an interview with a London entrepreneur. That’s the right blend of educational and promotional stories that should appeal to a wide range of Zipcar’s audience.

Zipcar has also created a keyword-rich company description by using phrases like “car sharing network” and “urban and campus transportation.” LinkedIn Company Page descriptions are crawled by search engines, so it’s important that they be optimized.


Microsoft is one of the most prolific users of Showcase Pages, which LinkedIn has been rolling out since November 2013. Microsoft has 12 different pages, including ones for its Office suite and its Dynamics ERP solution. Showcase Pages allow brands to spotlight specific products or services, which in turn can help drive engagement and sales.

Microsoft certainly isn’t alone in using this new feature. Fellow technology companies Adobe, Cisco and HP are some of the biggest brands that have created dedicated Showcase Pages. These pages help focus discussions about specific products and services, which will be even more important as LinkedIn becomes a hub for business-focused content and conversations.


Salesforce LinkedIn Company Page

Salesforce posts two to four times per day and all the articles are from its personal blog. With that volume of posts, there should be a compelling image accompanying each one. While there certainly are some stock photographs, Salesforce also promotes articles using custom images (an infographic), and its banner image is sleek and descriptive.


Flipkey (a TripAdvisor company) can check every box with the content posted on its LinkedIn Company Page. It’s relevant and timely (the Olympics, Groundhog Day, SXSW and MLB Spring training have all been covered in the last month), it’s engaging (there’s a post about vacation rental myths that uses GIFs throughout) and it’s straight-forward (“The Top 10 Absolute Worst Places to Drive in the World”). Flipkey follows the “think like a journalist” mantra that is so important for brands these days.

The business also makes heavy use of multimedia. The LinkedIn page features a photo gallery and video on its first page, and there’s likely more there if you keep scrolling. Consumers have become so accustomed to seeing visual content that they expect the same from brands.


Like Zipcar, Intronis (a Boston-based cloud backup and recovery company) posts a balanced mix of how-to pieces and promotional stories. In the last week, the business has also been promoting a Twitter chat about IT security in 2014. This type of cross-platform promotion is what will drive traffic to brands’ other social platform, capturing potential leads no matter which network they prefer to use.

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