Client Spotlight: Launching a Corporate Podcast for Thought Leadership

, Jun 11, 2019

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Content is all about telling a story, and audio is an increasingly popular and innovative way for brands to tell theirs. At March, we’re hearing more from clients who are interested in launching a corporate podcast, and we find it can be a great thought leadership platform for brands that have something interesting to say but want a new way to say it.

Case in point: last year we helped one March client, Emergn, launch their own podcast, “The Emerging World of Work.” With a long and successful track record of helping some of the world’s most iconic brands initiate simple, long-lasting change, Emergn is the go-to partner for global enterprises that want to develop amazing products and services.

Last fall, Emergn had its sights set on the 2018 Global Peter Drucker Forum, a prominent event where the company looks to build relationships with peers, partners and clients. It was their first year as the event’s Platinum sponsor and keynote speaker, and it was important for them to reinforce that sponsorship with a strong thought leadership platform, led by content.

March believed a podcast would provide a new and engaging forum for Emergn to build brand awareness and momentum in the weeks leading up to the event, as well as an ongoing opportunity to elevate Emergn’s awareness among its peers, partners and customers. So, we got to work.

Tapping into Emergn’s connections, expertise and perspectives

Emergn started with a few advantages for us: a large library of content with interesting ideas around modern ways of working, and an impressive list of peers, partners and clients as potential guests.

We tapped these resources to develop a podcast concept that would fall in line with the company’s vision of improving the way people work, forever.

That’s how we arrived at “The Emerging World of Work,” a podcast for leaders who want to ensure that their business is keeping pace in a constantly changing landscape and in a strong position to grow.

We believed the podcast would give a voice (literally) to CEO and host Alex Adamopoulos, who was also delivering the keynote speech of the Drucker Forum. It would also enable Emergn to lead the conversation around Drucker’s event theme, which was “Management. The Human Dimension.”

We crafted a guest and topic list that mapped directly back to the conversation at Drucker, which meant that Emergn’s show ultimately served as an unofficial “companion” podcast for the event. Guests included Drucker speakers, such as researchers, authors, and executives from organizations like Steelcase, UCAS and Walmart. We then helped produce each episode of the show from soup to nuts.

Bringing it all together

“The Emerging World of Work” quickly proved to be a robust thought leadership platform both during and after the event.

Five weekly episodes, along with written companion pieces, were published in the lead-up to Drucker. All of the content was supported with social media promotion, including tweets that were tagged with the event’s official hashtags. The net was more than 6,400 page views of podcast-related content on owned and earned channels, plus a 43% increase in Twitter profile visits and a 40% increase in Twitter impressions compared to the previous year’s Drucker-related promotional activity.

Emergn also received positive feedback about its role in promoting the Drucker Forum from both industry peers and the event’s organizers, who expressed interest in further aligning Emergn and Drucker’s content strategies post-event. Ultimately, the show had the added bonus of helping Emergn forge stronger relationships with peers, partners and clients within the Drucker ecosystem.

And, we were pleased to learn that last week, our work on the show earned a Silver at the PR Club’s 2019 Bell Ringers Awards.

Emergn continues to release episodes of “The Emerging World of Work,” interviewing authors, researchers, scientists and business experts about topics that help their audience change the way they think about the working world.

Overall, the project was a great example of how podcasting can build a successful and enduring foundation for thought leadership in a new medium that many corporations are still looking to explore.

Reach out to March if you’re looking for professional help developing, distributing and promoting your own corporate podcast.

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