Through the Eyes of an Intern: Reflecting on my Journey to March Communications

, Jun 24, 2019

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Sharing the story of how you landed your job is kind of like telling the tale of how you met your significant other. Some may have met scrolling through a dating website – or, the job love story equivalent of Googling “Boston PR jobs,” and your ideal match just happened to pop up. For others, the story is more elaborate – it took some twists and turns, and it tested your courage and confidence along the way. As an intern, despite our just-budding relationship, March made the first chapter of my career romance tale a significant one. It taught me the importance of picking yourself back up before I was even an employee.

I met March September of my sophomore year, and the more I learned about the company, the more I knew it was my dream internship. I had a crush on them! The agency was brimming with everything I wanted: a work hard, play hard culture, in the heart of downtown Boston, and a clientele that was full of some of the most innovative, coolest clients on the block. Four months later, I was in the office for a summer internship interview and spent the rest of the afternoon daydreaming about what my first real PR job would be like.

A few weeks later, March taught me the first and most important lesson I have learned thus far as an aspiring PR professional: you don’t always get what you want. I didn’t get the internship. I spent the rest of spring and most of summer wondering why I wasn’t good enough. Then, I decided if I wanted this position – to work with these people – badly enough, I was going to have to work for it. Lesson number two: Earn. It. Nothing worth having in a communications career is going to come for free, whether it’s a dream job or top-tier coverage for a client.

So I worked my tail off, professionally and personally. I began expanding my personal blog while studying abroad, took it upon myself to amp up my college orientation program’s social media as PR Coordinator, and most importantly, tried to define what I wanted in my future, career wise. Despite my strategic communications major and plethora of communications classes, I didn’t even understand the difference between public relations and advertising. I used my free time to read up and comb through companies’ websites. The next year, I applied for a summer internship at March again and went into the interview feeling more prepared to take a huge step toward my goals than I ever had before. This time, the interest between March and me was mutual. I landed the job weeks later.

That was just the beginning of my personal journey of growth and confidence with March as my (professional) partner. I have officially been interning at March for a month now and every day, this company and its team of PR rock stars challenge me, inspire me and push me to be better. A better thinker – one who is excellent and productive, a better creator – one who does no spin, and a better human – one who is brave and shows up, in and out of the office. March made me want to be better long before I was even an employee – no other company, job or internship has ever made me say that.

Relationships take work – this I have learned. The relationship insider “perks” you get in on are just a bonus. You head out to grab lunch for the President of March and she insists on treating you to lunch, too. You jump off the green line at TD Garden for the Bruins game, you stick your dinner leftovers in the office fridge, and head next door in time for the puck drop. Monday mornings can be a drag – but not in the office when there’s Bagel Monday. Perks are way sweeter when you earn them.

You know what they say about awesome relationships, right? They make you a better version of yourself. I think I’ve found my match.