Tech Makes Our Homes More Liveable – Dare We Say Bearable?

, Apr 15, 2020

CATEGORIES: Consumer Innovation Group


In case you missed it, 2020 is the Year of Smart Living. As more of our time is spent inside, we’ve been reflecting on just how much technology enables us to live, work and use our homes in unprecedented and unanticipated ways.  Whether out of necessity or personal interest, we’re transforming our abodes into all in one hubs of activity, equal parts into office, gym, yoga studio, grocery store, furniture showroom and so much more.

March Communications is on board. We’re obsessed with home innovation, whether it’s a virtual behavioural healthcare connecting people with therapists, digital fitness platforms transporting coaches to our home gyms, or virtual reality that allows us to test out renovation and new furniture while we’re still on the fence. Tech and innovation in health and wellness, remote learning, ecommerce, automation and other categories are making our lives a whole lot smarter.

Brands hoping to help consumers live smarter, more engaging and connected lives need to tell a story that motivates consumers to “see” the products or services in their daily routine. That’s why our own “home” is filling up with Smart Living innovation clients. Brands trust our passionate tech expertise and laser-focused, strategic stories to inspire consumers to act. Tour our home show to see our Smart Living clients in action – we think you’ll be inspired too.

Want to put your Smart Living innovation in front of people that give a hoot? Get in touch to start shaping your story.

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