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[Podcast] Heather Gadonniex on Impact, Product Marketing, and Ethics in AI

, Aug 31, 2020

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Artificial intelligence is a technology that shows a lot of promise but it’s also one that brings up a lot of ethical questions around data privacy, transparency, bias, and more.

As VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Samasource, Heather Gadonniex has a lot of perspective on these issues. Today, Samasource is an impact-driven for-profit tech company. Heather’s professional background – and Samasource’s founding story – both sit at the intersections of impact and growth. Heather shares lessons and insights on impact marketing, product marketing, and ethics in AI.

We cover all of that and more in an interview that will be helpful to any marketer and PR pro who needs to tell the story of complex industries with thorny issues.

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