Creating Space in Healthcare’s Crowded Marketplace

, Jan 15, 2020

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Newsweek wants to know if you trust Jeff Bezos with your life. His Amazon, the once online bookstore, announced they’re moving into the healthcare space with an app that makes the industry more “shoppable.” And making us all wonder how we moved from hunting for discounted Harry Potter books to Expedia for doctors.

Of course, I’m downplaying the monumental transformation Amazon has gone through for some comedic flare. What I’m really trying to showcase is the evolution taking place in healthcare. Patients are losing patience with the status quo, in-person model that providers and insurers seem to be stuck on, and companies like Amazon are filling the gap with breakthroughs in technology and data. There is an opportunity to understand consumers in new ways and develop personalized user experiences, and companies across the U.S. are starting to catch on.

Seemingly overnight, hundreds of digital health solutions have sprung up, rapidly saturating the market. And for those companies that aren’t Amazon, it’s become increasingly difficult to stake a claim, any claim, in the healthcare space. So, how do brands stand out and stay relevant?

Our recent work with AbleTo, a leading virtual behavioral healthcare provider, lends itself to be an interesting case study for this challenge. Facing hundreds of quick-fix apps and one-size-fits-all remedies, AbleTo was having to work overtime to standout. Our agency was brought on to settle the noise and cement the company as a leading authority in the mental health arena.

We recognized a key brand differentiator – the combination of technology and innovation with quality standards of care to enable proven outcomes. By spotlighting the need for quality standards in the evolving behavioral healthcare industry, we’d be able to shed some serious light and create an industry conversation they could own. We just needed the right platform.

Through our research we realized that an objective assessment of the industry had never been done. There wasn’t an organization stepping up to take a much needed critical look. So, we created the first-ever report card to do just that and developed a supporting communications strategy to ensure the assessment was being seen and heard by the masses.

Together, we created an insightful model and objective scale to herald the progress made and specify how much work is left to do. In simpler words, we established a point of view. That’s the real key to developing and sustaining a breakout brand in a cluttered space. Understanding how you’re different and using that to do something different. That’s what Amazon is doing – hell, they’re creating an entirely new industry – and that’s what we did with AbleTo. What will your clients own?

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