Innovative Health Tech Born from a Year at Home

, Jul 27, 2021

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At March, we’re always on the hunt for breakout health tech innovations. The tail end of 2020 brought new devices born out of an extremely challenging year. Through those challenges, the industry rose to the occasion, delivering innovative devices that help to address the growing need for what we’ve been calling healthcare-from-home.

Withing’s new ScanWatch

Several health wearables have promised to eventually check for sleep apnea, including Fitbit. Withing’s ScanWatch is the first to do so. Aside from this first-time feature, the ScanWatch checks other boxes too:

  • Checks for arrhythmia via a one-lead electrocardiogram
  • Provides optical heart rate readings (PPG
  • Continuous monitoring for possible atrial fibrillation (much like the Apple Watch
  • Measures blood oxygen levels (like Fitbit’s wearables)
  • Tracks sleep

The watch is currently going through the FDA and CE clearance approval processes for both ECG and sleep apnea detection, with more indications around Q2 this year of when the watch will be available.

Another major pro is the watch’s sleek style. The watch is not bulky like other competitors we’ve seen in the market. In fact, many may not even recognize it as a wearable health device! This is an awesome technology for consumers to keep their eye on.

Bisu Body Coach

The next health tech innovation to highlight is the Bisu Body Coach. It hit the scene at CES and has been making waves ever since. . Bisu is an at-home urine test, offering a new approach to the outdated methods you’ve probably experienced at the doctor’s office. Bisu is transforming at-home urine testing through cutting-edge microfluidic technology, novel design, and intelligent software.

The test stick lets you capture a small sample during urination, without needing to pee into a cup or hold a dripping test strip. The stick reader automates the whole measurement process and calculates the result with clinical-grade accuracy. The microfluidic chip enables new biomarkers to be tested that are not available on conventional test strips. The app software interprets the result taking into account a wide range of variables including your profile, goals, preferences and activity. Biomarkers tested include electrolytes, hydration, ketones, pH and uric acid.

If we think about this urine test in the broad scheme of things, its revolutionizing home health – an industry that isn’t going away any time soon, especially with many offices now moving to some variation of a hybrid working model. The test is sure to be a fan favorite for consumers that are big on the home gym.


Finally, we’re watching MedWand, the ultimate healthcare-at-home device. The MedWand is a small tool that has 10 different medical diagnostic functions that allows your doctor to examine you remotely. The device includes attachments for the heart, lungs, blood oxygen level, nose, throat, mouth and more. MedWand is powered via USB; simply plug MedWand into a compatible phone, tablet, or computer, and you’re good to go! This allows MedWand to work anywhere in the world.

Using the multiple tools within MedWand, your doctor can assess and monitor you for hundreds of medical conditions. We’re predicting that this device is going to become huge over the next year. Telemedicine is booming and not going anywhere, after an initial slow shift to a remote model. Innovations like MedWand are going to make it a permanent fixture.

Healthcare is evolving in parallel with consumer tech and more patients are relying on digital tools that brings care into their homes. This virtual shift, coupled with new tools, not only improves healthcare access but also speeds delivery, making it easier for providers to quickly reach patients. To hear more discussion about these devices, head over to the Innovators Mic!

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